Situation, reason and the extended agent.’ teorema. (2016) – Winner of the teorema 2015 Essay Prize for Young Scholars.

Unintentional Bias in Court.’ Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology POSTnote, 512. (October: 2015).

Unintentional Bias in Forensic Investigation.’ Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology POSTbrief, 15. (October: 2015)


Public engagement

Is implicit cognition bad cognition?

Consciousness and altruism

Consciousness and decision making

The moral significance of the personal/sub-personal distinction

Selected presentations

‘Implicit biases as observable class preferences’ (invited speaker)
– Nature of Implicit Attitudes Workshop| Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen | 16th January 2016

‘Against the exclusive control mechanism’
– Implicit Bias Conference | University of Leeds | 15th October 2015

‘Averting neuroessentialism’
Response to Janet Kourany on: ‘Cognitive Differences Research’
EWPG Spring Workshop,  University of Edinburgh | 10th March 2015

‘Chance and Value Clash’
Response to Geert Keil on ‘Implications of Naturalism for Free Will’
– Lost Minds: A Controversy Between Science And Philosophy,  Universität Zürich | 15th November 2014

‘Not conscious, not responsible?’ (invited speaker)
– Implicit Cognitions Workshop | University of Nottingham | 15th July 2014

‘Implicit bias, motivation and moral responsibility’
– HU-KCL Graduate Workshop | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | 23rd May 2014

‘Why cognitive science will not disprove free will and moral responsibility’
– MINDGRAD’13: Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind | 9th December 2013