(2017) ‘A Patchier Picture Still: Biases, Beliefs and Overlap on the Inferential Continuum.’ Philosophia, 45 (4), 1829-1850.

(2016) ‘Situation, reason and the extended agent.’ teorema XXXV/2, 7-27. (Winner of the teorema 2015 Essay Prize for Young Scholars.)

(2015) ‘Unintentional Bias in Court.’ Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology POSTnote, 512.

(2015) ‘Unintentional Bias in Forensic Investigation.’ Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology POSTbrief, 15.

Research in the media 

BBC Radio 4 Analysis special on Implicit Bias  (featured researcher)

BBC News feature on Implicit Bias: ‘Is Everyone Racist?‘ (featured researcher)

Research blog posts

I commission and write for the Imperfect Cognitions blog.

On the iCog blog: Is implicit cognition bad cognition?

On the Metacognition of Concepts blog: Consciousness and altruismConsciousness and decision making; The moral significance of the personal/sub-personal distinction

Selected presentations

‘Implicit biases as observable class preferences’ (invited speaker)
– Nature of Implicit Attitudes Workshop| Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen | 16th January 2016

‘Against the exclusive control mechanism’
– Implicit Bias Conference | University of Leeds | 15th October 2015

‘Averting neuroessentialism’
Response to Janet Kourany on: ‘Cognitive Differences Research’
EWPG Spring Workshop,  University of Edinburgh | 10th March 2015

‘Chance and Value Clash’
Response to Geert Keil on ‘Implications of Naturalism for Free Will’
– Lost Minds: A Controversy Between Science And Philosophy,  Universität Zürich | 15th November 2014

‘Not conscious, not responsible?’ (invited speaker)
– Implicit Cognitions Workshop | University of Nottingham | 15th July 2014

‘Implicit bias, motivation and moral responsibility’
– HU-KCL Graduate Workshop | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | 23rd May 2014

‘Why cognitive science will not disprove free will and moral responsibility’
– MINDGRAD’13: Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind | 9th December 2013